| Aug 27, 2021
It has been a whirlwind of events this past year due to the presence of COVID-19. However, it’s not going to stop people from getting married. So even if you are starting from scratch or re-thinking your wedding plans, here are some themes and trends that are sure to be a hit this year that […]
| May 08, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a serious disruptive effect on the lives and livelihood of many people throughout the world. With people stuck at home to prevent the spread of the disease, many activities that are considered routine got thrown out the window. The simple acts of going to the grocery, reporting for work, or […]
| May 16, 2019
Eighteenth birthdays are quite the milestone especially for girls here in the Philippines. This significant affair usually entails extravagant parties, gowns, suits, and a program and party details that are looked over from the start of the preparation until the end. However, if you want a birthday party that has more of a personal touch […]
| Apr 05, 2019
Graduation season here! Expect long posts on social media, graduation photos, behind-the-scenes of graduation pictorials and rehearsals, and more! Graduating is no small feat, and whether your child is with honors or not, you should show just how proud and happy you are for them. So, if you really want to do something special for […]
| Mar 19, 2019
Birthday parties sometimes cost a fortune, especially if it is your son or daughter’s very first. Of course, you want it to be special, you want them to have fun and enjoy the food. Now, you can save yourself from spending too much by hiring an event catering service that offers affordable kiddie party packages. […]
| Mar 08, 2019
Lenten season is upon us. As Roman Catholics abstain from eating red meat every Friday and the entire Holy Week, it is definitely hard to think about the food for birthday parties that fall within the season. Even if your family is not Catholic, friends of your kids might be. And so, it is best […]