| Mar 01, 2019
It is always hard to think of new ways to celebrate your kid’s birthday every year. Especially when their birthday is on March—just when school is about to end and kids’ energy is as high as the roof. As parents, you need to come up with a solid birthday plan to give them a good […]
| Feb 28, 2019
A wedding is a busy affair indeed. There are a lot of things to take care of, to think about, to arrange, to finalize. There is the need to find the perfect wedding reception venue, the panic of coming up with good wedding invitations, and even the thought of wedding favors seem to be taxing […]
| Feb 15, 2019
With many things to be arranged and taken care of in a wedding, most to-be-wedded couple do not pay much attention to the wedding invitations. If they do though, the invitations tend to be common or bland. Your wedding invitations should spark joy and love! They should speak a lot about you and your significant […]
| Feb 08, 2019
Filipinos, without a doubt, are hopeless romantics. We love a good love story! It is one of the reasons why most of the time, our local TV shows and movies end in wedding bells. And so, it is no surprise that people adore Filipino celebrity weddings. When a celebrity couple has decided to tie the […]
| Feb 01, 2019
If it is a dreamlike and beautiful wedding you are going for, you can certainly make that happen in Tagaytay. Without a doubt, Tagaytay is the most popular wedding destination in the country. The cold breeze and the stunning views make this place a great choice for weddings. So if you are looking for an […]
| Jan 25, 2019
If you think there is no better way of saying “thank you” to your wedding guests than giving wedding favors, then you are mistaken. A better way of saying thanks is giving them a unique wedding favor—one that will be useful, one that will be memorable, one that will really express your gratitude. Time to […]