| Nov 16, 2018
Here is a fact: the wedding cake get just as much attention as the bride’s wedding dress. When the bride finally enters the church and walks down the aisle, everyone will be looking at her and wedding dress with awe. It is the same thing for the wedding cake at the reception. It will be […]
| Nov 09, 2018
Though it is evident that the bride and the groom are the stars of the wedding reception, there is another thing that can and will steal everyone’s attention: the wedding cake. Everyone in the reception will be waiting for the wedding cake, and will look at the newlyweds with awe and excitement once they finally […]
| Nov 08, 2018
Planning and organizing an entire wedding is truly a complicated and grueling process. From communicating with the guests, to arranging the venue and reception, to taking care of the the gowns and suits, and even to looking for an affordable catering service with affordable wedding packages—these tasks consume a lot of time, energy, and effort. […]
| Oct 12, 2018
Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will mark a truly important part in people’s lives. A wedding means two people in love are finally uniting as one. Although this can only happen once in your life, wedding anniversaries are there to help people remember that special day, nourish their love, and celebrate their lives together. Stellaire […]
| Sep 11, 2018
Ever thought of having an Eco-friendly wedding? The Philippine Statistics Authority showed in their latest national marriage statistics report that since 2016, April saw the most number of marriages in the country, which accounted for 12.5% of a total number of marriages that year, followed by February and May respectively. Additionally, it did not see […]
| Aug 17, 2018
Debut parties in Filipino culture has long been considered as a very important event in a young woman’s life. Turning 18 is a significant milestone that needs to be celebrated, and so, most young girls have debut parties. But celebrating a debut does not mean sticking with the basic program and the traditional proceedings entirely. […]