100 pax (150 / head)
The venue should be provided by the client.
Package Inclusions
Individual Catering Equipment Rental (Per Piece)
Basic Package (150/head) Min. 100 pax

  • 7 pcs. Chafing Dish (Roll Top)
  • Dinner, Spoon, Fork, Teaspoon
  • Hiball Glass, Water Goblet
  • Dinner plate, Dessert Plate
  • Buffet Table Set-Up
  • Cake Table and Gift Table
  • Round Table (8-seater) w/cover
  • and table topper (any color)
  • Gold Tiffany Chairs with Ribbon
  • Table Napkin

Individual Catering Equipment Rental (Per Piece)

Dinner Plate PHP6.00/pc.
Soup Bowl PHP3.00/pc.
Saucer PHP3.00/pc.
Hi-Ball Glass PHP5.50/pc.
Water Goblet PHP6.00/pc.
Stainless Pitcher (64 oz.) PHP15.00/pc.
Stainless Pitcher (80 oz.) PHP25.00/pc.

Spoon & Fork
Spoon PHP2.50/pc.
Fork PHP2.50/pc.
Dinner Knife PHP3.00/pc.
Serving Spoon PHP10.00/pc.
Teaspoon PHP1.50/pc.
Serving Fork PHP10.00/pc.
Tong (Medium) PHP8.00/pc.
Soup Laddle PHP10.00/pc.
Bar Spoon PHP10.00/pc.
Cake Knife PHP8.00/pc.
Chocolate / Coffee Dispenser PHP400.00/pc.
Cholocate Fountain PHP1,000.00/pc
Ice Bucket PHP20.00/pc.
Food Warmer
Chafing Dish (Roll Top) 2 Burner PHP450.00/pc.
Round Warmer PHP250.00/pc.
7 Liter Soup Warmer PHP200.00/pc.
Black Soup Warmer PHP300.00/pc.

Other Items
Rectangular Buffet Mirror PHP150.00/pc.
Round Glass Centerpiece Mirror PHP100.00/pc.
Buffet/Food Lamp PHP250.00/pc.
Bird Cage PHP500.00/pc.
Table Napkin PHP5.00/pc.
Clear Vase for Table Centerpiece PHP180.00/pc.
Red Carpet (Length- 20 meters / Width- 1 meter) PHP850.00/pc.
Rubber Tray (Round) PHP25.00/pc.
Chairs & Tables
Gold Tiffany Chair w/ leather cushion PHP50.00/pc.
White Tiffany Chair w/ Cushion PHP70.00/pc.
Cushion PHP5.00/pc.
White Folding Chair PHP80.00/pc.
Ribbon PHP5.00/pc.
Round Table (8 seater) PHP100.00/pc.
Round Table (8 seater) w/ white cover PHP120.00/pc.
Round Table w/ white cover & colored topper PHP150.00/pc.
Rectangular Table (4ft) PHP100.00/pc.
Rectangular Table (4ft) w/ white cover PHP120.00/pc.
Rectangular Table (4ft) w/ white cover & skirting PHP200.00/pc.
Rectangular Table (8ft) PHP150.00/pc.
Rectangular Table (8ft) w/ white cover PHP170.00/pc.
Rectangular Table (8ft) w/cover & skirting PHP250.00/pc.

For Event Styling for Rentals

White (Cleopatra Design) PHP2,000.00
White PHP1,500.00
Silver PHP1,500.00
Gold PHP1,500.00
Pink PHP1,500.00
Red PHP850.00
Center Pieces
Tall Vase (3ft. height) PHP180.00
Rustic Theme (Bottles 3 Jars)(set) PHP150.00
Cylinder Vase PHP150.00
Steal Candelabra PHP100.00
Round Wood PHP100.00
Round Mirror PHP100.00
Crystal Cup(Candelabra) PHP300.00
Crystal Beeds(Big Candelabra) PHP400.00
Back Drop
Wood Back Drop(7ft by 3ft)(2sets)(new) PHP2,500.00
Silver Panel PHP1,500.00
Gold Panel PHP1,500.00
Green Back Drop PHP1,500.00
Platform Stage(6ft by 6ft) PHP1,000.00
Gold Cake Table PHP150.00

The buffet & dining set-up includes the following:

  • Tiffany chairs adorned with ribbon accents for all the guests
  • 8-seater round tables dressed with colored linens
  • Roll-top chafing dishes with an elegant buffet centerpiece
  • Complete set of silverware & glassware
  • Dressed tables for the gifts, cake, souvenirs & registration

  • Customized Table Centerpiece (with balloons and flowers)
  • Red Carpet (20m x 1m)
  • Stage Set-up with Chair
  • Ceiling Décor
  • BIRD CAGE (PHP 600.00)
  • COMPLETE DESSERT BUFFET FOR 50 PAX (PHP 6,000.00) for 50 Pax
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Assorted Pastries
  • Bread Sticks
  • Fruits in Season
  • Marshmallows
  • Stick-O
  • French Fries (PHP 4,500.00/cart)
  • Nachos (PHP 4,500.00/cart)
  • Mixed Balls (PHP 4,000.00/cart)
*Additional Transportation Fees depending on location
  • 50% down payment upon signing of contract.
  • 50% full payment on the event date.
  • 12% additional VAT
  • 10% of the contract price will be charged upon cancellation of the contract
  • 50% of the contract price will be forfeited for any cancellation 3 days before the event date
  • The service of the waiter is up to 4 hours only. If there’s an extension of service, an additional PHP 50.00/hour will be charged for every waiter
  • Additional transportation fees for out of town venue or depending on the location
  • Any losses, breakages, gate entrance fee and caterer’s bond are charged to the client.
*Prices are subject to change.